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Syrian Journalists Organize Solidarity Stand, Condemn Terrorist Act against Syrian TV

August 8, 2012 - DAMASCUS, (SANA) – In condemnation of the terrorism targeting the national media, journalists from various Syrian media outlets organized on Wednesday a solidarity stand outside the General Organization of Radio and TV building which was targeted by a sabotage act on the sixth of the current month.

In a statement to journalists, Minister of Information Omran al-Zoubi expressed appreciation of the wide participation of journalists in this solidarity stand which expresses the feelings of free people who reject the sabotage act which targeted the General Organization of Radio and TV building.

He added that the sabotage act is aimed at silencing the Syrian national media which is broadcasting the complete truth to the people.

The Minister pointed out that the Syrian leadership has decision supported by the Syrian people to restore security and stability to all Syrian territories.

on August 6, An explosive device exploded inside the the third floor of the building of the General Organization of the Radio and Television in Damascus and caused a number of injuries.

Al-Zoubi said there is a real external aggression on Syria, adding that field military hospitals are sent from France to Jordan and gunmen from different nationalities to Turkey and South Lebanon, and recruitment offices are opened for what they call ''Jihad'' in Syria.

He added that the issue has never been about reforms or change, but has been directly linked with the others' desire to deprive Syria of its regional and international role.

Head of the Syrian Journalists' Union, Elias Murad, said that these terrorist acts are attempts to silence national media, hoping that the kidnapped journalists would return to their families safe and sound.

Murad said that the Syrian Journalists' Union and the Arab Journalists' Union condemn such illogical terrorist acts, adding that the Union has sent messages to the Arab Journalists' Union and international organizations concerned to condemn these acts.

He added that the Syrian journalists will continue their work in national media that represents the Syrian society and is open to all opinions.

Director of the General Organization of Radio&TV, Ramez Torjoman, said that the crime committed against the Syrian TV was plotted by some Western countries and funded by Arab countries involved in the hostile project against Syria, in a desperate attempt to silence the truth.

''We vow to remain at the front lines in defense of Syria under the leadership of President Bashar al-Assad,'' he added.

Director of the Syrian TV, Maan Saleh, said that the morale of TV workers are higher than ever, adding that they are determined to continue their work as it is well known that the Syrian government and people are targeted.

Director-General of the Syrian Arab News Agency (SANA), Ahmad Dawwa, said that the terrorist acts targeting the Syrian national media are attempts to deviate it from its national role, especially at a time when Syria is facing an all-out war, adding that terrorism won't weaken the Syrian journalists and media. 
Dawwa added that there have been several attempts to hack SANA website from several Arab and foreign countries, including Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Jordan, Israel, France, Belgium and Canada, adding that SANA has a qualified cadre that is capable of foiling these attempts.

Editor-in-Chief of al-Thawra newspaper, Ali al-Qasem said that the Syrian media has been a target for these armed terrorist groups as it succeeded in exposing lies and fabrications by satellite channels which became  proficient in shedding Syrian blood, in addition to revealing the schemes hatched to topple the Syrian state.

News anchor Ghadir Hassan from the Syrian al-Ikhbariya TV channel said that the response of the Syrian journalists to those killers is that they will continue their work despite the terrorists' killing and kidnapping acts.

Political, social and cultural figures and youth groups participated in the sit-in. 

Director of Top News Media network, Former Lebanese MP Nasser Qandil said that the attack against the Syrian media came as an implementation of the Arab League political decisions and those taken on an internationallevel by countries which claimed to call for freedom and democracy.

Qandil said that Syria proved that it possesses an army qualified to face wars and showed that brain washing failed in destroying the Syrian people's vision of their future and homeland. 

He added that they thought that Syrian media is dead and they were surprised at its strength and capability for confrontation.

The youth Shebli Roumiyeh, from Damascus voluntary youth team, said that the Syrian media is free and honest and these terrorist acts will not undermine its determination to convey the truth.

In Tartous, journalists and workers in the media institutions in the province staged a sit-in in front of Tishreen newspaper office in the province to condemn the terrorist attack which hit the building of the General Organization of Radio &TV on August 6th.

The participants stressed that the criminal sabotage acts which serve the West's interests and schemes to fragment the region will consolidate the Syrians' strength and steadfastness in the face of the conspiracy.

Head of Tishreen newspaper office in Tartous, Mohammad Omran said that targeting the Syrian media reflects the bankruptcy of the western powers in their war against Syria.

In Lattakia, journalists and workers in the media institutions denounced the terrorist attack against the Radio &TV Center in Damascus, stressing  their determination to reveal misleading claims circulated by satellite channels to shed Syrian blood.

They stressed that this terrorist act will not dissuade the Syrian journalists from performing their duties to overcome the attack launched by Arab and western powers to undermine Syria's people, state and stance.

Chief of the Journalists Union branch in Lattakia and Tartous, Dawood Abbas, said that these terrorist acts aim at silencing the voice of truth and hiding 
the reality of events taking place. 

R. Raslan/M. Ismael/F.Allafi/al-Ibrahim

Photo: Journalists waved placards condemning the terrorist acts targeting the national media and stressing that any attack against the media is a direct attack against the society.


Washington bombs the world daily with its colonial war propaganda and is regularly blocking the information and websites of the governments that it wants to destroy.

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