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Top US Democratic foreign policy figures are adding pressure on the White House to intervene militarily in Syria as clashes continue between government forces and foreign-backed insurgents in the Arab country.

A Houthi official in Yemen says the country’s president should fire Ahmad Ali Abdullah Saleh, the commander of the Republican Guard, and Ali Mohsen Al-Ahmar, who leads the First Armored Division.

Syrian security forces have killed several insurgents during clashes in the eastern city of Deir al-Zour as fighting continues between government troops and terrorists in the country.

Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki has condemned Turkey over the issue of Kurdistan, saying Ankara treats the Kurdish region as an independent state.

The Jordanian army has destroyed two Syrian border outposts by tank shelling after clashes broke out between the two sides.

Israeli Minister for Military Affairs Ehud Barak has dismissed earlier reports that Saudi Arabia had informed Israel, via the US, that Riyadh will intercept Israeli planes entering its airspace environment en route to Iran for an attack.

Secretary of Iran's Supreme National Security Council (SNSC) says democracy in Syria cannot be realized by waging war and dispatching terrorists to the country, but comes through people’s free will.

An Iranian lawmaker says the United States seeks to downplay Iran's crucial role in resolving the Syrian crisis.

Israeli Labor Party leader Shelly Yechimovich says reports coming from offices of prime minister and minister for military affairs about Iran are worrisome.


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The European Union (EU) has announced that it is keeping a close eye on a new French purge on Roma camps to ensure expulsions are not arbitrary and discriminatory.

German experts have warned that Germany is now a 'promised land' for Italian organized crime as four largest Mafia syndicates are operating in the country under perfect conditions.

Russia’s Air Force Commander in Chief Major General Viktor Bondarev has announced that the country’s aerial warfare service branch will get some 180 brand-new fighter jets and military helicopters by the end of the current year.

Hundreds of Spanish civil servants have taken to the streets in the capital Madrid to protest against the government’s austerity measures and salary cuts.

An organ transplant scandal involving data manipulation to have patients jump the long waiting lists for organs has shocked Germany, questioning the country's organ-donation system, Press TV reports.

Unemployment rate in crisis-struck Greece hit an all-time high of 23.1 percent in May as the country struggles through a fifth year in recession, says the national statistics agency.

A Muslim man in the US state of New York has been imprisoned after being convicted of second-degree assault although several witnesses described the incident as self-defense, Press TV reports.

A military analyst says police departments in the United States are being trained by Israeli groups aiming to sink the country into total militarization and dictatorship, Press TV reports.

Thousands of people have gathered at a gymnasium at Oak Creek High School to pay their final respects to the six Sikh worshippers killed at a temple in in the US state of Wisconsin last week.

No matter whether the next US president is named Obama or Romney, the Wall Street financier elite that dominates the United States is psychotically planning a series of tax increases for the middle class and working people, cuts in benefits and social services, and a transfer of wealth in favor of the top 1%, all of which will add up to a further cut of about 25% in the depleted US standard of living.

Canada is planning to hold Six Weeks of Iranian Art festival, hosting visual artists, photographers, musicians and filmmakers in the city of Toronto.

Photo: poverty in the U.S.


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