Arab foreign ministers council becomes slave of western war propaganda


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Sept. 12, 2012 - CAIRO, (SANA) – The Arab Lawyers Union condemned the Arab foreign ministers council's decision to stop broadcasting the Syrian TV channels as illegal and illegitimate.

In a statement on Wednesday, the Union stressed that enforcing the decision contradicts human rights, and called for refraining from it as it imposes restrictions that violate international conventions as it is forbidden to hide information from the Syrian and Arab people and the whole world.

The Union called upon the Arab League Secretary General for immediate action to take all procedures to rebroadcast the Syrian TV channels, stressing the necessity for Arabsat and NileSat administrations to commit to the contracts signed with Syria in this regard.

R. Raslan/ M. Ismael


(SANA's website is regularly blocked by western intelligence services which bomb everyone with american war propaganda)

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