Gmail: spam and Internet fishing

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datum:15 oktober 2012 19:00



Dear User,

Due to improvements and innovations planned for the 'years 2012 and 2013, L ' Gmail Team is 

to inform you that maintenance operations focused on the entire network are currently 

course. These operations are intended to 'identify each of our users to identify 

active and inactive accounts in order to proceed with the removal of all unused accounts, because with 

growing demand 'users have a duty to serve you better. 


# N & P om reputation: 

Aving # C - G mail: 

# M t o de Passe: 

C # onfirmation: 

# From D ate * N * aissance: 

# P rofession: 

# P ays: 

# N ° T elephone: 

We reported this spam to Gmail...

'Gmail Fires Back in the War on Spam':


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