War on Syria: Google manipulates


On 3.14.2012, America’s Defense Department’s best-known geek announced that she was leaving the Pentagon for a job at Google


May 2, 2013 - Google Alerts: 1 new result for latest news Syria SANA:
Syria accuses rebels of exposing people to unknown liquid in Idlib
People's Daily Online

Quoting a source in the province, SANA said that after the two people died, the housewife and her children went out to the street frightened, and an "armed terrorist group" gave them protective masks and brought three people they had previously ...
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May 3, 2013 - Google Alerts: 1 new result for latest news Syria SANA:
Minneapolis Star Tribune - Photo: SANA (Syrian News Agency)
In the Syrian civil war's latest alleged mass killing, activists said Friday that regime troops and gunmen from nearby Alawite areas beat, stabbed and shot at least 50 people in the Sunni Muslim village of Bayda.


Google talks about 'activists' and does not give a direct link to the website of the Syrian News Agency Sana.
The link to Sana is:
 http://sana.sy/index_eng.html (If the link is not deactivated)

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